Become a BaakMart Agency and Build Your Own Business!

Become a BaakMart Agency and seize the opportunity to drive businesses toward unparalleled growth on the BaakMart platform. As an independent entity, you will utilize our advanced tools and insights to deliver tailored business solutions, from strategic product placement to comprehensive service offerings like market analysis, advertising, and social media management. Your mission will extend to helping Sellers and Displayers manage and optimize their Products, Storefronts, and Baak Slots, ensuring their ventures not only succeed but excel. This is your chance to play a crucial role in the e-commerce landscape, providing essential support to sellers and shaping the future of online retail. Join us and use your expertise to foster a community of thriving businesses and successful entrepreneurs.

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Initiate Your Business by Providing Comprehensive Services to BaakMart Clients

You’ll have the opportunity to provide your services to sellers and displayers on BaakMart.

BaakMart Services

Provide assistance in navigating the BaakMart Phygital Hub, optimizing and managing products and storefronts, and strategically creating and managing Baak Slots for BaakMart clients.

Business Development

Provide comprehensive business consulting, including business plans, financial and legal aid customized to client needs, and professional copywriting to boost branding and marketing efforts.

Market Analysis

Delivering advanced reports from extensive market and competitive analyses, empowering clients with invaluable insights for informed decision-making in their markets and product domains.

Technology Solutions

Development of customized websites, apps, software solutions, and AI tools, providing BaakMart clients with cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Advertising Services

Managing campaigns across social media, search engines, and e-commerce platforms, ensuring maximum visibility and ROI for BaakMart clients through strategic planning and optimization.

Design Services

Offer specialized expertise in branding design, UX design, animation, interactive design, 2D/3D graphics and videos, and web design, providing tailored design solutions for diverse client needs.

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How BaakMart Agency Works!


Agency Registration

Sign up as an Agency on BaakMart. (Additional programs like
BaakMart Partner, BaakMart Account Manager, and BaakMart
Authorized Agency will be available soon).


Broad Business Scope

Gain access to a wide range of Products and Storefronts,
offering you a broad scope for business.


Service Publishing

Provide BaakMart services and packages that illustrate your approach
to optimizing and managing Products and Storefronts for BaakMart Clients!
Also, highlight additional business services you can offer to BaakMart clients.


Baak Slots Slot Management

Facilitate and manage the creation of Baak Slots between Sellers
and Displayers (Physical Store Owners), ensuring a smooth transaction process.


Visibility Optimization

Leverage your expertise to assist both Sellers and Displayers in maximizing
their visibility and sales potential on the BaakMart platform.


Comprehensive Business Services

Provide comprehensive business services to BaakMart clients,
covering business development, analysis, design, legal, and financial consultation.
Support clients in all aspects of their business growth.

Register now FOR FREE and receive a $300 BONUS to use on our platform.

This limited Early Bird offer is available to the first 1000 agencies.