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Registration is now open on our website for Sellers to add their products, Displayers (Physical Store Owners) to add their stores, as well as for Agencies and Affiliates.

Transaction capabilities between Sellers, Displayers, and Agencies will be activated soon, once we've gathered a diverse range of products, storefronts, and agencies. We expect this feature to be available by July 2024.

We are constantly enhancing our website, diligently adding new features every day. Our focus is on increasing its ease of use, and overall quality, all with the goal of elevating your experience on our platform.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and new features on our roadmap. We're committed to making BaakMart the best it can be for you! Follow us on Social Media for the latest news.

BaakMart Sellers

We welcome all sellers who operate on platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay, AliExpress, Etsy, and Shein. We also welcome dropshippers and those who have their own websites.

Complementary Solutions

BaakMart as a comprehensive and complementary solution for both physical and online stores, blending the worlds of physical and digital commerce in an innovative manner.

Business Scaling

Showcasing your product in a BaakMart Storefronts can significantly cut down your advertising expenses. This strategy will aid in fostering business growth and scaling your operations effectively!

BaakMart: Bridging the Gap Between Online Sellers and Physical Stores!

BaakMart presents a unique Phygital Platform, blending the physical and digital retail world. It’s designed to connect online sellers with physical store owners worldwide, offering a novel solution to showcase products in physical spaces. This revolutionary approach not only enhances product visibility and sales potential for online retailers but also provides physical store owners with an opportunity to generate additional income through their unused space. With BaakMart, experience the synergy of online and offline retail like never before.

Empowering Online Sellers Overcoming Challenges!

The future of selling is online, but challenges abound. New sellers lack experience, face high competition, and struggle with product ranking and returns. Additionally, shoppers who prefer physical stores miss out on online-only sellers. Our team of experts has developed BaakMart with the mission to empower online sellers to overcome these challenges effectively.

BaakMart: Revolutionizing Shopping for the Contemporary Consumer!

In 2024, shopping remains traditional, yet fails to meet modern needs. BaakMart Storefronts offers a unique experience by bridging e-commerce and physical stores, allowing customers to try products before buying online. This reduces returns and benefits both sellers and buyers.

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BaakMart: Green Shopping for a Sustainable Future!

BaakMart is set to become an expansive network of storefronts, dedicated to empowering sellers by displaying their products for increased sales. Our primary aim is to offer contemporary shoppers a thrilling and enriching shopping experience while also fostering a deep commitment to environmental stewardship.


Smart Solutions with Smart Ideas

Discover the Benefits of Displaying Products in BaakMart Storefronts!


Make More Sales

Showcasing your products in BaakMart Storefronts and allowing visitors to sample them will surely increase your sales.

Reduce Returned Goods

One of BaakMart’s primary objectives is to minimize product returns, benefiting both sellers and the environment.

Minimize Negative Reviews

By reducing the number of returns, you will significantly decrease the likelihood of receiving negative reviews for your product.

Show up on the First Pages in Search Results

When in-store shoppers visit your product’s listing online, it generates external traffic that boosts your product’s visibility, increasing the chances of it appearing on the first pages of search results.

Selling Despite the Absence of Reviews

BaakMart Storefronts offer the most robust solution for selling new products that lack reviews or social proof.

Experience Growth in New Markets.

When you choose to sell your products in new markets, you can count on BaakMart Storefronts to drive immediate sales for you.

FOR DISPLAYERS (Physical Store Owners)

Earn a Monthly Income

By showcasing online sellers’ products in your store, you’ll receive monthly fees. The more products you display, the higher your income will be.

Increase Your Store’s Visitors

Attract more store visitors who discover your store on our platform while searching for products to try and test.

Benefits of Our Hassle-Free Business Model

You save on inventory costs, advertising expenses, and are not responsible for purchases and product returns.



The Privileges Sellers And Displayers Can Enjoy With BaakMart

Strategic Partnerships: Crafting Mutual Success

Our platform enables online sellers to partner with Storefronts that align with their brand ethos and objectives. Storefronts commit to effectively displaying these products, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

Flexible Pricing and Budgeting for Partners

We offer a versatile approach to pricing and product display duration, allowing our partners to customize their strategies to fit their unique requirements.

AI-Driven Optimization: Perfect Pairings

Our AI integration facilitates ideal matches between Online Sellers and Storefronts, enhancing synergy and user experience.

Specialization and Focus: Targeted Product Placement

Our strategy ensures that products are displayed in relevant, high-traffic Storefronts, from specialty boutiques to eco-friendly shops, maximizing product visibility and customer engagement.

Exclusive Product Showcase

Each product showcased in BaakMart Storefronts will be unique, ensuring no similar products are displayed in the same Storefront.

A Marketplace of Opportunities: Fueling Competition and Innovation

Our business model encourages a competitive environment, motivating Storefronts and Online Sellers to offer their best, thus elevating the overall marketplace quality.

BaakMart's Hiring Strategy: Leveraging Expertise

Storefront owners contribute their industry knowledge, choosing products that complement their existing offerings and ensuring a knowledgeable staff to provide expert customer assistance.

Ensuring Trust: Security and Verification Measures

Robust verification processes for online sellers and security deposits from Storefronts ensure a secure and reliable platform for all participants.

New Feature: Explore Products Up Close

Shoppers can now experience products firsthand by visiting nearby Storefronts, enriching their online shopping. They also have the option to directly purchase products from sellers on our marketplace, adding convenience to their shopping experience.

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Comprehensive Business Solutions!

BaakMart Seller Program

Display your products in BaakMart Storefronts, reaching a large audience. Experience reducing returns and negative reviews as customers can try your product before purchasing. Drive external traffic to your product listing, improving its search ranking and achieve more sales.

BaakMart Displayer Program

Increase your store’s allure and attract new customers by displaying a diverse selection of online products. Benefit by receiving monthly fees for featuring these products in your stores.

BaakMart Agency Program

Operating as independent entities on the BaakMart Platform, these agencies offer a broad spectrum of business solutions, from optimizing Storefronts and product visibility to providing services like business consulting, market research, advertising, and social media management, all aimed at driving sales growth.

Advanced AI-Powered Tools!

This powerful AI system meticulously analyzes product characteristics, seller profiles, and storefront dynamics to suggest optimal Baak Slots for product placement. By processing vast amounts of data, including store traffic patterns, customer preferences and sales analytics, the AI provides tailor-made recommendations for each product, ensuring maximum visibility and sales potential.

This is what BaakMart Storefronts will resemble.



BaakMart Agencies are essential in maximizing sales for BaakMart Sellers. They optimize Baak Slots, enhance visibility, engagement, and sales growth. They navigate complex tools, leverage data insights, and adapt strategies to the dynamic marketplace, ensuring greater success for businesses in BaakMart.

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